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Updated :   ​June  18,  2024
We  didn't  have  any  puppies  in  2023.   My  first  Aussie  litter  in  5  years  was  born  in  2022  and  I've  been  working  with  my  keeper  pups  from  that  litter.   Thanks  to  Teresa  wanting  to  have  a  MAS  litter  by  our  talented  boy  Reese,  we  now  have  a  lovely  litter  of  pups  being  raised  at  Teresa's  house  in  north  Houston.   She  has  a  Facebook  page  that  she  updates  regularly  with  photos  and  videos  of  the  pups.  We  have  a  couple  of  puppies  still  available  to  loving  homes  on  spay  or  neuter  contracts.  We  will  know  after  7-8  week  old  evaluations  are  complete  as  to  which  pups  are  available.  
​​Aside  from  the  registration  we  may  provide  (AKC / ASCA)  or  we  approve  of,  like  UKC  ( for  competition  reasons  only )  our  dogs  may  only  be  registered  with  organizations  for  sport  or  therapy  reasons  ( barn hunt,  dock diving,  agility,  disc,  therapy dog,  etc. )  and  NOT  as  a  breeding  dog  with  any  other  registry. 
         MALES        ( NO  BREEDING  RIGHTS )  is  $1,000  to  $1,500  ( pet  price ) 
         FEMALES    ( NO  BREEDING  RIGHTS )  is  $1,500  to  $2,000  ( pet  price ) 

While  I  have  competed  with  Aussies  for  more  than  30  years, I  don't  breed  every  year.  Showing  and  breeding  is  only  a  part-time  hobby  for  me,  so  I  have  a  very  limited  number  of  puppies  available  during  the  year  ( if  any  at  all ).  My  goal  with  each  litter  is  to  get  a  puppy  for  myself.  My  pick  puppy  from  each  litter  may  be  available  to  a  select  home  on  a  co-own  basis  only.   I  may  relinquish  my  part  of  the  ownership  when  appropriate  titles  are  earned  and  the  contract  is  met.  I  may  offer  a  discount  to  PROVEN  show  and  or  performance  homes.  

My  dogs  are  health  checked  and  carefully  evaluated  as  a  contributor  to  our  gene  pool.  I  have  had  my  dogs  hips  and  eyes  checked  since  the  late  1980's.  We  started  DNA  health  checking  our  dogs  when  DNA  health  tests  first  became  available.  I  have  been  fortunate  to  never  have  a  dog  test  positive  as  a  carrier  of  CEA/CH,  PRA-prcd  or  HSF4  cataracts  ( Aussie  /  MAS  /  Mini  Aussie  eye  diseases ).
Pups are born and raised in our house, are handled daily and are exposed to normal household noises ( TV, vacuum, kitchen, etc ). They also experience many other age appropriate sensory experiences to help get them ready for their future careers. They are vet vaccinated and health checked. Our puppies are evaluated for structure and temperament at 7-8 weeks of age, which is when I can get a pretty good idea of the type of home they would do best in. We prefer proven performance homes for our pups because in the 30 years that I have had Aussies, I find that these homes are usually 
best suited for most Aussies (& MAS). Puppies going to non-show or non-performance homes must be spayed or neutered at the age appropriate time and our contract states that the dog is not to be bred.  

Puppy prices depend upon many factors : size, parents, titles, co-own, contract, etc.  
I do give discounts to proven performance homes, buyers coming from out of state, buyers who have (had) another dog from me - and private treaty agreements.  
The average price for a fully guaranteed family companion (non-breeding) can range 
in price from $900. to $2,000. and can depend upon size, color and gender. This is 
not because I feel that one is better over another (all the pups are equal as far as I'm concerned), but demand is higher for some (blue merles, blue eyes, females, etc.), 
so those pups can help cover part of the cost of having the litter (if any are for sale). 

I don't breed often and primarily breed to get a puppy for myself. My pick pup almost always lives it's entire life out with me or it's co-owner. One exception would be a dog that would do better in an only dog household, but that is rare. Since breeding is not 
a business for me, I don't have a turn-over in dogs (mama's & studs). Some of my 
most favorite dogs have lived a long life with me and I never bred them, although I would have liked to have a puppy from them. Since breeding is a lot of work (when done right) and I don't have a lot of time to devote to breeding, a co-own (partner) home is always welcome and considered for my pick of the litter pup. However, I do not want my pick pup in a breeder home that does not intend to keep their dog for life. My hope is to find that forever home where the dog will be part of the family and get to participate in activities and would allow me to get a puppy back from that dog (in the future and only after the dog is deemed worthy of reproducing). 
      FLAGTREE   or   PRIZM   dogs  sold  by  me,  come  with  
       a   money-back  health   and   temperament  guarantee.

* I don't often have puppies available, so I maintain a waiting list and give priority to performance homes and to people who have proven to be good owners to another of my dogs. Why ? .....

These are herding breeds that enjoy activity and owners who invest time and training into their canine companions are tops in my book. Some Aussies and Mini American Shepherds are less active and do well in less active homes, but owners willing to go the extra mile for their dogs get the first choice in pups (after evaluations). Our puppies are NOT SOLD on a first come basis, as we always get the first pick puppy from each litter and we generally have people waiting on a specific type of puppy ( gender, size, color, agility, etc. ). 

* I don't have pre-sale forms that need to be filled out nor do I take deposits before the new owner meets the puppy. Why ? ....

I've found that many "pet" homes want a puppy "right now" and they are just shopping around for availability or color, so there is no need for me to gather "forms" unnecessarily or lock someone in with a deposit. Since breeding is not a business for me, I never know when I will plan another litter, so I'm not willing to hold a deposit until a next litter. Normally the performance homes will wait on the right pup and some folks have waited a couple of years for that special team mate, so I am grateful for those types of homes. 

* I require phone calls and encourage pre-visits before I agree to sell someone a puppy or dog. Why ? ....

This allows me the opportunity to ask questions and to see whether a certain pup would be suitable for the family, their environment or their lifestyle. Talking with someone on the phone and /or personally meeting them ahead of time is much more enlightening than an internet "form & deposit". Also, the prospective owner may find this breed of dog is just NOT quite right for them after all. For instance, some callers do not realize a few snippets of information such as :

  1) Yes, this breed does shed - lightly year round & heavy seasonally.
  2) Yes, requires daily exercise - and some dogs more than others.
  3) Can become protective of their family or property. 

Australian Shepherds / Mini American Shepherds are attractive dogs, but they are not a good breed for all owners. My hope is to have my puppies placed in their forever homes once they leave our home. Face-to-face and phone "interviews" can help me decide if the prospective owner is dedicated to providing 12-15 years ( on average ) with their new family member. 

* I will not ship an unaccompanied puppy or dog. I would like to meet the new owner prior to letting my puppy or dog go to it's new home. You may pre-visit your puppy at my home or meet him when you pick him up. 

Upon request I can provide references from people who have acquired a dog from me and who have been to my home. Folks from all walks of life ( including doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, judges, nurses, etc ) have come to visit our dogs at our home and most everyone wants to come back for more visits. We love our dogs and have fun playing with them and showing them off : ) 
       Miniature  American  Shepherds  born  on  May  23,  2024
                  Dad  is  ( Reese )  and  the  mom  is  ( Bella )
These  babies  are  in  north  Houston  with  their  co-breeder,  Teresa. 

One  of  the  2  black-tri-color  females  may  be  available  on  a  co-own.  Otherwise  one  will  possibly  be  available  on  a  spay  contract  only. 

     Female  ( Truffle )                                          Female  ( Charm ) 
Below  are  the  MALES.   One  of  these  boys  may  be  available  to  a  performance  home  on  a  co-own  ( partner )  basis,  otherwise  a  neuter  contract  only. 
Male  ( Saffron )                                                   Male  ( Sesame ) 
                      Temporary  names  for  identification
Male  ( Clove )                                                      Male  ( Ace ) 
Below  same  puppies  as  above  at  3  days  old